Hey friends! I am so glad you’re here. I started this little reflection corner for us to chat and take a break from trying hold ourselves perfectly together. I promise to be honest and kind here. I hope that this space gives you rest, joy, and peace. I want you to be able to say “Me too!” as I reflect on God and life as a twenty-something just trying to figure out life.

We all want our lives to be the best they can be. For me, that means figuring out God’s purpose for me, remembering that I never have to go at it alone. We are all trying to figure this whole thing out, and I know it’s tough.  Breathe deeply.

I love all things travel, books, photography, cute mugs, and journals. Lots of journals. I want to laugh a whole lot in this life, remembering that this life with Christ is meant to be filled with joy.


I went to a small university in North Carolina where I learned so much about myself, community, and God. I loved it so much that I stuck around for graduate school where I got my Master of Divinity (a.k.a. I’m a total Bible nerd). I just got married to a wonderful man who makes me laugh and celebrate and is the very best partner for me. We moved to the beautiful city of Charleston, and we’re striving to make it our home.


So, yeah, I’m definitely still trying to figure out life. I would be willing to bet you feel the same way. A little hopeful for the future, a little unsure of where to go next, a lot of learning to trust.

Tell me about yourself by contacting me or chat in the comments of my posts. Let’s be the best kind of friends: the ones that share their honest thoughts, encourage each other, and say “me, too.”



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